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How to Make Your Own Frames

Many of your expressions products will be simple signs or posters. These products will look and sell much better with a frame. There are basically three types of frames available on the market, fine art frames, diploma⁄photograph frames, and poster frames. Fine art frames are too ornate and detract from the simplicity of an expression product. Diploma/photograph frames have come with a piece of glass that we don't need. Poster frames, and in fact all the frames on the market cost too much.

Standard Frame Sizes (inches):
4 x 65 x 7
6 x 88 x 10
9 x 1211 x 14
12 x 1614 x 18
16 x 2018 x 24
20 x 2422 x 28
24 x 3024 x 36

Even though you may be able to find frames on sale for $2 or $3 each, that's still too much overhead to have to add to the cost of your expression product. The solution is to make your own frames. You can manufacture frames from raw wood for around $ 0.50 each.

Before you can begin manufacturing your own frames, you will need to invest in a few tools as listed below.

Table saw or Router
Miter box and saw
Clamps (and glue)

The table saw or router can be used to cut a rabbet or grove in the wood to make a place for the picture to fit into the frame. Both a table saw or a router can be used to make 45 degree miter cuts, but you might get better accuracy with a miter box and saw.

Glue wood to molding

Some people have avoided using a table saw or router by gluing a strip of wood to the back of a piece of molding, as the profile below shows, but molding can be expensive. It's cheaper in the long run to purchase a table saw or router.

Table saw

A table saw can only make straight cuts, allowing you to make tapered frames, but not round edged frames. A router can not only make round edges, but with the proper bit can duplicate the shape of any trim. In fact a router can be used to make a great variety of wood shapes and is a great tool to have for crafting. The router is the most useful, but least used tool in woodworking.

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