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How to Draw a Cartoon Style Squirrel

Draw a Cartoon Squirrel

Squirrels are cute little bushy-tailed mammals. They belong to the same family as prairie dogs, chipmunks, and marmots. Tree squirrels eat acorns. To prepare for winter, squirrels bury acorns. In the winter months, when acorns are scarce, they have a store of food they can eat. But they don't remember where they bury every acorn. The forgotten acorns become oak trees. It's fun to draw a cute little cartoon squirrel. Here's how.

Draw a Cartoon Squirrel Step 1

1. Sketch the oval shape of the head.

Draw a Cartoon Squirrel Step 2

2. Draw two pointy ovals at the upper part of the head for the ears. Inside the head draw a slim oval. This will be the eye. On the lower part of the head draw another pointy oval. This will be the mouth.

Draw a Cartoon Squirrel Step 3

3. Draw a vertical oval under the head, for the neck.

Draw a Cartoon Squirrel Step 4

4. Under the neck, draw a long oval. This will be the body.

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