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How to Draw Cartoon Dogs - An Easy Tutorial

There are various ways to draw a dog. Here I will describe one procedure which is easy and can be used by people with different skill levels from beginner to intermediate. You can use these instructions to draw the dog either on paper or on your computer.

Draw four circular shapes Draw four circular shapes position and them vertically as shown in the diagram.

Draw the ears The top most shape will form the head of the dog. The one bellow it will be the snout of the dog. And the lowest two are for the dog's body. Draw the ears on the top most shape as shown in the figure.

Draw two half circles around the eyes Two small circles and will form the eyes of the dog. Place two half circles around the eyes these will be eye brows of you cartoon dog.

Draw the snout Now make another small circle concentric to the circle for the snout this is the tip of the dog's nose. You can check the figure to see the placement of it.

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