Customer service centers often have a high turnover, and if you are working in one you may find your job very stressful. These tried and tested techniques will help you cope with the pressure you may face.
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How to Cope in a High Pressure Customer Service Role

Customer service centers often have a high turnover,and if you are working in one you may find your job very stressful. These tried and tested techniques will help you cope with the pressure you may face.


  1. Most stressful situations in Customer Service jobs are caused by dissatisfied customers. Try to keep your cool when dealing with an irate customer, as getting angry will not help. Be polite,tell the customer you understand why they are unhappy and always end the call with a positive solution. If you need to call the customer back,do so in a timely fashion,and if you cannot deal with a query pass it to a supervisor.
  2. Some employers set targets for their staff and you may find that the deadlines put you under pressure. Deal with this by breaking your target into smaller chunks- for instance, if you have to deal with 80 calls each day, work out how many you need to get through per hour.
  3. Don't let other staff members get you down. Some people will spend their working day complaining about the job,and this can affect your own morale.
  4. Leave your work behind at the end pf the day. At the end of the day,write down anything that you need to deal with the next day and then forget about it.


  • Keep a notepad handy when you are working on the phone,This will help you remember important details which may otherwise be forgotten when you are stressed.
  • Use deep breathing techniques to relax when you feel yourself beginning to get stressed.
  • Make your work space comfortable, clear up any clutter and get a seat which supports the body properly.
  • Make friends with your team for a happier working environment.

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