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Traffic Getting Strategies

Today, with advancement in the technology every business has evolved online and obviously web presence matters a lot for the promotion of every business and enterprise. Since half of the business has turned online, it is important to use effective strategies to woo your clients.

No matter how you look at traffic genuinely, quality traffic simply means the rush of people who are actually interested in getting certain information online. Hence, there have been many arguments that traffic is traffic, but to literally get the crowd on your website you need to treat them as real people. It is important as it will help you catch more traffic once you will know who you are targeting.


Undoubtedly, search engine optimization plays a great role in bringing traffic to the website. Installing a related content plugin, utilizing keyword research tools, using keywords in post sites, relevant keywords in image file names, linking to the authorized sites, etc. are the major tasks an SEO executive performs to bring the website to a higher rank.

On Page:

Urllist.txt - It's a kind of sitemap in text file format which aims to help in identifying the path and number of the available urls on the server.

Sitemap.xml - A Sitemap is an XML file listing the URLs for a website. The webmasters use it to view the graphical representation of a site. The protocols of sitemap inform the search engines about the particular URLs available for crawling.

Meta Viewport Tag- Meta View Tags also popularly known as Viewport tags are used to check the responding nature of the website. It helps to check out if the website is responsive on mobile phones, tablets, I-phones, etc. In particular, the web developers use this viewport tag to set the width of the layout viewport related to CSS declarations.

Favicon- A favicon is simply a file having one or more small icons that are associated with a specific website or a web page. This icon is popular with many other names like shortcut icon, URL icon, bookmark icon, tab icon, etc.

Apple Touch Icon - Just like Favicon, The Apple Touch Icon is a file used as a web page icon on the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. This icon is basically used when someone bookmarks your web page or adds it to one's home screen.

Meta Tags - Meta elements are the tags that are used in XHTML or HTML to provide a planned metadata about the web page. They work as an important part of the head section of the webpage. Since these tags are useful for search engine optimization and are not visible to the users.

Customized 404 error page - The Customized 404 error displays the message "Page Not Found" when the page searched by the user is simply not available. There can be the links that are not available or have been currently removed from the website. Consequently, when there is no page to display, the web server displays a message saying "404 page not found".

Off Page:

Local citations for Branding - Local Citation refers to the task of mentioning your companies' local information on other websites or the places available on the internet. Local citation assists in branding your website and also help you rank higher in local search results.

Info Graphics Submission - As the name suggests, infographics are literally the graphical representations loaded with the information or integrated data. This infographic submission on the feature websites actually help in search engine optimization and are effective in bringing traffic to the platform.

PPT Submission - PPT is a file extension used for depicting a presentation file used by Microsoft PowerPoint. This popular software is generally used to display the information in the form of slide show. It is again an important and efficient method of getting traffic to your website.

Google Business Places -is one of the important submission methods that can be used to let Google crawl your business and bring traffic to it at the same time. Google My business enables you to create a profile of your business and then verifies your local business which ultimately helps Google map to crawl it.

Image Submission - As the name clarifies, image submission means posting images on different websites to increase the links. These images can be submitted directly or by using URLs to promote your website and bring traffic to it. These submissions literally increase your site visibility and the popularity of your website.

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