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Hands-on JavaScript

JavaScript is by far the most used programming language on the Internet. It is a client-side scripting language, meaning even though you see it's results on a webpage, it's run on your local computer. It's run on your computer by an interpreter that is built into your web browser, which means you can run and test your code as you go, it doesn't need to be compiled. The fact that it's a client-side scripting language makes JavaScript very easy to learn.

To get started with JavaScript all you need is a simple text editor like Windows Notepad. Type the code provided in this book into a text file and save your file with the .htm file extension. When you double-click on the name of your file, your Web browser will open and display the results of your program. That's all you need, a simple text editor and your web browser to take your first steps toward putting the awesome power of Java Script programming in your hands!

Your purchase of this eBook entitles you to download JS App Pack. JS App Pack is Java Script code for 50 different applications, including many different kinds of animated banners, calculators, slide shows, animations, picture selectors, picture zoom, special form elements, and much more. You'll find the download link and instructions in the eBook.

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