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You have been re-directed to this page because of a problem with your browser. Your browser has either JavaScript or images disabled, or an addblocker enabled.

JavaScript is a programming language that most webmasters use to make web pages dynamic and functional without always having to re-access the web server. This improves your browsing experience. JavaScript is the most common programming language used on the Internet and with it disabled you are likely to experience many non-functioning web pages and many errors. An adblocker is a browser add-on or browser extension that blocks and prevents advertisements and advertising banners from showing up on web pages that you visit.

I don't blame you for configuring an adblocker in your browser. Nowadays internet advertising is getting abusive, with too many banners, too many popups, and too many video ads sucking up your mobile bandwidth. The latest website user abuse - the slideshow. Instead of presenting information in a page size chunk, make the user click through slides, and guess what? With each slide a new batch of advertising banners appears. As soon as you arrive at a site and find that the information will be dealt out as a slide show - click away.

Unfortunately it's common now for websites to use a huge slide show banner on their page, eating up your bandwidth. Sure, on my site I show people how to code many kinds of slide shows, but my intent was not for them to be used for advertising abuse. Webmasters: lets dump the front page slide shows and information chunking slide shows.

Why are webmasters being so abusive with advertising? Because web users have become immune to advertising and unconsciously ignore anything that resembles advertising on a website. So webmasters think piling on more advertising will solve the problem.

On the other hand some webmasters work hard to research and prepare information for you and by using an adblocker you are preventing them from earning a living. I don't have abusive advertising on my website. I don't allow popups and I don't place ads inside an article. And I'll be disabling video ads as soon as I figure out how. So I request that you disable your adblocker when you visit my website.

This site receives 90,000 visits per month and several email messages per day thanking me for the help and information this site provides.

Thank you, Stephen Bucaro

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