13 Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Job

By Sam De La Bertauche

You Should Never Get A Job

In today's society it is certainly the norm that everyone should have a vocation. A job in which you jump into after education, maybe move between a few different places, gain a few promotions, pay into your pension, then retire at the grand old age of 80 (I say 80 because I suspect the retirement age will be up there by time it's time for me to hang up my working shoes). Now to me, the idea of having a job and ploughing through the day working for someone else has always seemed a bit... weird? Perhaps it was my disdain for any sort of authority or being a control freak, but the idea of going to work for 60 odd years filled me with dread.

Increasingly younger people are questioning this mundane and embedded piece of our society. Whilst those of an older ilk may label these people lazy or juvenile, it definitely makes sense that in a perfect utopian society, jobs would simply not exist.

I will add here; if you have had the joy of being in a job that you have always wanted to do and it fills you with so much joy, then this probably isn't for you. After all, it probably doesn't feel like a job.

Similarly, I am well aware everyone needs money. For now anyway...

What I am going to argue is that the idea of having a job is plain wrong. In the age we live in, society can and should evolve past the point of jobs. Of course if jobs didn't exist, and we found our incomes through other methods certain people and corporations would be screwed. I say these are the people are the way of change, and more than likely have already convinced you that there simply isn't any other choice.

The thing is, why can't we MAKE a choice? You-tubers for example, film themselves doing something they love, and they get paid for it over and over again.

Whilst this can't be directly related to things like food production, is it so far fetched that a system is possible in which everyone can spend their time being productive doing things that they want to do. That way everyone can contribute to society, rather than contributing to the capitalist machine that frankly drains everyone of creativity and motivation.

But I digress! Let's move on with the 13 reasons you should never get a job!

1. You are trading time for money

Exactly that. How many of you get paid hourly, or even annually for a set amount of hours? Time is a resource that we will never ever get back, and currently the system of jobs means we are trading our valuable finite amount of hours doing something we don't want to do, for money. Wouldn't it make so much more sense to invest your time providing value, then getting paid time and time again?

Imagine putting in hard work creating something amazing and then going out to dinner. Going to bed. Watching TV... all whilst getting paid for it. This is how royalties work for singers, writers, painters and so forth. It's exactly what happens when your favourite You-tuber uploads a video.

It's exactly what happens when people update a website with a witty, clever, and altogether brilliant article that you just need to share with all your friends and comment on. In all seriousness, it's true. Anything in this world that has any value can be sold. And normally people pay time and time again, after you initially put the time and effort in.

That may not work for all of life's activities, but it does beg the question as to why we are so content trading our time to do some shitty boring task for some money (and get severely unpaid whilst doing it).

Similarly, do you think your 9 hours of work relates to 9 hours of value created for your company? No way. What you do in one day of work could create value to last a week. Or even a year. That $100 you earned yesterday for 9 hours of work may feel great right now, but think about the $1000's it could earn your boss over the next week, whilst he does NOTHING.

2. You only get paid when you are working

As mentioned above, you only get your wage slip if you march your little butt to work and put in the hours. Sure you might get a few days holiday and sick days, but you know you can't just chill for a few days. You can't go travelling or go on holiday. You can't spend too much precious time with your family, because you won't get paid.

The system is already in place and millions of people get paid when they are doing nothing. It's called passive income and we'll talk about it another time.

But (as above) YouTubers, singers, writers, are already exploiting a system where they create the value, and they can get paid when they are sitting at home doing nothing. Wouldn't it make far more sense to get paid for the value you create and how much it helps people in the future, rather than just getting that cash for working for an hour?

3. It's a waste of a life!

Having a job is a waste of a life. Through some scientific miracle where the chances of occurring in the 0% life exists, and out of all the potential things that could have come to life, you are one of them. You could even have been one in a billion when you were conceived. Yeah that's right, you are one in a billion.

You have an average life expectancy of around 80, if you manage to avoid serious illnesses and accidents that could strike at any moment. In fact, even tomorrow isn't guaranteed. And, you're going to spend the next 60 years working almost every single day, doing some trivial task that sucks the life out of you. You aren't going exploring, you aren't saving the world, you aren't playing in a field of puppies, you aren't surfing, you aren't painting, you aren't living. Think about how much time you have wasted at work. In fact, think about how much time you have wasted... whilst at work!

Think of what you could have learned in the time you spent at work last year. I know I'm asking you to think of a lot, and that in itself is dangerous, but keep at it.

My point is, when you are at the end of your life; you will look back and find that a large chunk of it was took up doing something you didn't want to do, and didn't add any real benefit to anyone.

4. You're a slave

Fact of the day (and Google it if you don't believe me), the origin of the word "boss" is the Dutch word: "baas". The original translation of the word baas from Dutch is "master". So go back to work and make your master happy, slave.

Okay, so the origin of a word doesn't make you a slave granted, but think about what other liberties are taken away from you. Are you given a set time and duration in which you can eat? Do you have to turn up at a certain time or you'll get told off? Are you one of the poor sods who has to ask to go to the toilet, or have their toilet breaks timed... ? You get to pick what clothes you wear right? And you can have your hair how you want? No?

How would your slave master react if you got a new tattoo? Or that piercing that you've already wanted?

Another point in line with this, is the size of the rules and restrictions that found in employee manuals nowadays. There are set regulations for pretty much everything at work now. This rigidity in routine and system kills creativity. It is good however in creating an obedient and effective cog that keeps spinning the corporate machine...

5. Do you like getting ripped off to make other people rich?

The simple fact is that however much money you earn at work, is no where near the amount you earn your boss and company. You can be sure that your wages incorporate the money that your boss needs to pay to keep the lights on, to pay the rent on the building, to pay all of the business' taxes. That's before you take into account how much of your "wage" you generously donate to your government. Then the business needs to make your they are earning something from you, so they can be profitable of course.

There are just way too many mouths to feed when it comes to having a job. You are being ripped off every step of the way.

6. It's unsafe

A lot of people think that working for yourself or freelancing is dangerous. There simply is no guarantee that you will earn enough money. That's very true. But having a job is even more dangerous and unstable.

If you are creating the value yourself and have passive income, you aren't limited to doing the same thing every day. For arguments sake, you could have 5 income streams. A writer could write tens of books and have an income stream from each one. OH NO, one book didn't sell! The income from the other 9 will cover it.

What happens though when your company hits a rough patch and doesn't need you? The plug is pulled and you find that safe and reliable job has now vanished.

As mentioned right at the time, this is about control. When you have a job, you are not in control of your destiny. Someone can pull the plug whenever. And what if you aren't happy with the amount you are earning now and want more? Can you work harder and get more? Of course not, you would need to beg your master for a pay rise...

7. No freedom

Perhaps obvious from previous points, but you have no freedom when you are working for someone else. You are contractually obliged to do certain things or they will sue your butt. You have about as much freedom as a dog. You turn up on time, you do are you are told, you get told off if you don't, then you get your treat at the end of it. Good boy.

8. Limited social life

Some of your best friends may be from work, and if they are, please don't be offended!

The point is, your social life is dictated around your job. You spend most of your time with the people who happen to work at the same place, so unlucky if they are dicks. Secondly, when you aren't at work, you will avoid all those people who work different hours, or different days. The love of your life might be working nights when you're on 9-5.

9. It makes you sad!

Working makes people sad! If you are stuck in a job that you don't well and truly love (again if you do, well actually you probably aren't reading anyway so... ) odds are you feel sad. You probably find it hard to sleep Sunday night because of the anxiety of going to spend the next 5 days being bored doing something you don't want to do.

Depression is one of the biggest problems with our society today. It's something I will write about soon, but in short; we are not doing anywhere near enough. And the increasing amounts of people suffering suggest that life itself is just more rubbish and stressful. People are far too sad. There is plenty to find happiness in the world, however the system we all live by means that all the joy and excitement is sucked out of us as it slowly and surely turns us into sad efficient robots.

10. You're another cog in the machine

The capitalist world we live in is one that has encapsulated the modern day way of life. So much so that jobs are becoming more and more trivial and creating less and less value for our world; at the expense of more and more money for the big corporations and big bosses. As a little worker bee, trained and whipped into domestication; taught to follow the rules and turn up on time, trade your finite hours for a little treat, you are just another cog in the machine.

Big businesses need people willing to work for nothing (as in no real value), and they exploit them through underpaid wages. They benefit from the hard fought hours doing your job, just so you can go home and switch on your big TV that you don't need, or so you can go and buy things you simply do not need - all so you have to go back to work and earn that cash back!

11. The six year version of you would hate you

Perhaps one of the strongest reasons not to get a job, or at least, not get a job that is truly soul destroying and rubbish - is that the 6 year old version of you would hate you. 6 year old's don't get jobs, and why should they? They haven't been exposed to all of the bullshit brainwashing that society has to offer. 6 year old's are innocent. They like to play and they like to have fun. If you think back at what you wanted to be when you were 6 chances are there will be no correlation between what you do now, and what the 6 year old you wanted to do.

Why? We're continuously told as youngsters that any idea we have won't work. Won't work, or "no sweet heart that isn't a real job, how about a tax collector?". So dreams are crushed at such a young age because kids aren't given the freedom to truly seek out a life for themselves. If a kid wants to be a magician when they are younger 9 out of 10 parents would tell them it simply doesn't pay, and pushes them to do maths or something the kid just doesn't like. The result is bad grades, stressed kids, and the same bad attitude handed to them so they can stop their kids dreams.

What would the 6 year old you think of what you do now? Would they be happy and pleased at what their life as become, or would they not get it? Would they look at you and just think you were another boring adult who sold out their dreams?


I honestly don't see that I have to expand this point... Jobs are boring. If you are currently in a job that you don't love, chances are you find it boring. Even the fun jobs are boring, if its not what you want to do.

13. Idiots. Idiots everywhere!

Last but not least you have to cope with the idiots.

There will always be idiots in the world, and I am sure you have met quite a few of them. The strange phenomenon is, these idiots seem to excel in the work place. So much so, they tend to always be the people in charge or above you in the pecking order!

There is very little worse than being extremely competent at your job that you hate doing, and someone who has half the brains is in a higher position and is in control of you. Worst still when they feel the need to belittle you or tell you how to do a task that they simply can't do.

Unfortunately it's the way of the world!

Let's conclude!

I want to finish off by saying, if you do have a job you love, or aiming for a job that you love and can make a difference - I salute you.

Ultimately there is a job for everyone and if you are lucky enough to have found that and worked hard enough to achieve it then fair play.

The problem lies in that far too many people are not in jobs that are suited to them. They are in jobs for the money and thus the constraints around what dictates what is and isn't a job, means that they are stressed and depressed.

Society should have a place for every single person to get on and do what they enjoy doing. So much so that with everyone in their place and growing, society itself grows. With everyone happy and contributing the system would be hell of a lot more efficient.

I also don't buy the argument that there are some jobs people will always have to be. There is a wide variety of people with an even wider variety of things they enjoy doing. There must be a system where every need we have as a society is fulfilled by someone who enjoys doing it. And for all them really bad jobs... robots ???

There is ways to earn money for yourself without a job and to earn money even whilst you are sleeping. This is how society should be, and thus getting a job is just stupid.

What do you think? Do you think we will ever get to a place in our society where jobs become defunct and everyone can spend their time being creative and contributing? Or are you a cog who thinks jobs are necessary and always will be?