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Windows Troubleshooting Windows Troubleshooting
Microsoft's Windows operating system is almost as reliable as AMC's 1970 Gremlin. This section shows you what to do when Windows won't start (or won't shut down), when you have problems with your hard disk, CD-ROM, mouse, printer, no video, no sound, and much more.

Computer Anatomy Computer Anatomy
Anatomy of a Hard Drive, Device Driver Basics, Plug and Play Resource Allocation, Basic Computer Thermodynamics, Understanding Computer Memory, Motherboard Form Factors, The Computers Back Connector Panel, and much more.

Computer Architecture Computer Architecture
Information about microprocessor and microcontroller architecture, semiconductor electronics, digital logic, stored program computers, functional block diagrams, assembly language programming, execution cycles, and much more.

Maintain and Upgrade Your PC Maintain and Upgrade Your PC
Backup the Registry, Defragment Your Hard Disk, Create a Startup Disk, Worki With the Registry, Create Your Own Super Control Panel, and more.

Windows Tips Windows Tips
Diable Windows CD/DVD AutoPlay, Disable Cutesy Effects to Speed Up Windows XP, and Show Desktop Gives Quick Access to Desktop Icons.

Windows System Administration Windows System Administration
Cortana; Assistant or Spy? Hard Disk Management, Windows Scripting Host, Technician's Guide Safety, Configure Windows Indexing Service, DOS Switches and Wild Cards, Kill The Messenger (Service), A Day in the Life of a System Administrator, Script to Print a Directory File List, and much more.

AntiVirus, Firewall, Antispyware Computer and Internet Security
This section contains information about how to protect your computer from spyware and viruses and where to find FREE Antivirus Software, Free Anti-spyware, and Free Firewall software.

Learn About Linux Linux
Using Ubuntu, Knoppix, and Fedora Linux, Installing Linux. Linux configuration, administration, diagnostics, trouble shooting, running Windows on Linux, live CDs, and dual-booting Linux and Windows. Installing Software on Linux, Linux file structure and file management.

Online Computer Repair and Remote Virus Removal RIP-OFFS I hear horror stories from customers that had previously used an online computer repair service with less than desirable results. I have put together this list of computer scams to watch out for when contracting with someone to provide remote computer help.

What is the Blockchain? Blockchain is a shared database with no central ownership. Information is managed through the consensus of network members who work together to choose what gets included in the blockchain. Every member keeps an identical, full copy of all transactions ever made in the network to ensure that no duplicate transactions are entered into the database. Bitcoin uses a public blockchain, open to anybody.

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