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About Bucaro TecHelp

Four Peaks Mountain

The view from my back yard in Fountain Hill's Arizona. Each day starts with a beautiful sunrise over Four Peaks Mountain. When I tire of working on this Web site and in my computer lab, I go for a hike in McDowell Mountain Park, which borders on my back yard.

Commodore Vic 20

I have been a computer hobbyist since about 1981. My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20. The first computer that I built myself was an IBM XT clone. The operating system I used was DOS version 2. I have built many PC's since then. I have built and rebuilt these computers, frequently moving hardware and software between systems.

My first online experience was with Prodigy in 1985. Prodigy was owned by Sears, and you accessed it by dialing in with a 1200 baud modem. Prodigy wasn't actually an Internet service, the Internet had not been released to the public yet, you could only access content on Prodigy's computer. Prodigy created graphics by downloading a set of primitive shapes to your computer and the graphics was constructed like a puzzle using those shapes.

My first mouse
My first mouse

I received a bachelor degree in computer science from Roosevelt University in Chicago. I worked for several companies in the Chicago area as an Electronics Engineer. Ultimately, becoming the manager of an Electronics Engineering department.

I was slow to realize that the science and engineering part of my job that I loved had been replaced by involuntary embroilment in corporate politics. My wife and I moved to Arizona in 1994 where I now focus my efforts on this Web site. Who needs another Web site?

The Internet is an almost infinite blob of mindless chatter. We have email, chat, forums, blogs, and instant messaging. Many people are brain dead from spending too much time on facebook and twitter. There is almost no useful information in all this mindless chatter.

Most people think search engines are so golly-geewiz wonderful. If that's so, then why, when I search for the answer to a technical question, do the results return 200 people asking the same question, and 200 people who don't know the answer wasting everybody's time by posting their mindless comments? When you do find some real information it's bloated with convoluted complexity that nobody can understand.

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