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Victims of Sandy Hook

Stop the Slaughter of Innocents. Congress is bought and paid for by gun lunatics and gun promotion groups. If you want to live in a safe America, help buy Congress back for America. Send a donation to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, 909 Third Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10022

Basic PC Anatomy

XFX GeForce 8200 AMD Dual Core 8GB Barebone Kit
Are you ready to build that high-powered gaming system of your dreams? This XFX GeForce 8200 AMD Dual Core 8GB Barebone Kit can make your dreams come true for a lot less than you think. More ...

PC Video
The video circuits of a computer take digital data and arrange it for display on a screen. In the past, PCs used CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) for video display. Today's PCs use LCDs (Liguid Crystal Displays). Whether the display is CRT or LCD, the image is created with a matrix of dots (called pixels for picture elements). More ...

Digital Video Interface (DVI)
Today's computers use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displays. LCDs are a digital device. It makes little sense to convert the digital image data to analog just to convert it back to digital to display on the LCD. To avoid this double conversion, the DVI (Digital Video Interface) standard was developed. More ...

How Computer Chips are Made
The oxygen is removed from silica by heating it with carbon. A tiny seed of silicon is then dipped into molten silicon. As the tiny crystal is slowly lifted out of the crucible silicon crystallizes around it. More ...

PC Keyboards
Today, there are many keyboard variations. Some keyboards have an integrated pointing device such as a trackball. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to be more comfortable for the hands and wrists. Regards of the variations, all keyboards, except those on notebook computers, follow the 105-key standard. More ...

Serial ATA Hard Drive
New computers will begin using the SATA (Serial ATA) interface to the hard disk. Some new motherboards come with built-in SATA support. The SATA interface does not use a ribbon cable. Instead, it uses a cable similar to a network cable with only seven wires. More ...

External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (eSATA)
Initially all SATA (and PATA) interfaces were for internal hard disks. With the introduction of eSATA, the SATA interface can be used with external storage media. This puts eSATA in competition with Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Firewire. Especially since, like USB and Firewire, eSATA allows hot swapping. More ...

Video - Introduction to USB
This video provides an introduction to the Universal Serial Bus, a comparison of the different versions, USB specifications, USB devices, and the advantages of USB. More ...

A+ Certification Study Guide, Sixth Edition
McGraw-Hill's A+ Certification Study Guide, with 975 pages, CD-ROM containing practice exams and video training clips, and associated online training videos and downloadable practice exams is the best fully integrated study system available. More ...

Intoduction to Digital Electronics
The entire field of computer technology relies on transistors. This article describes how transistors are constructed and how modern MOSFETs are combined to make digital logic circuits. More ...

Understanding the Software Layers of a Computer
You select File | Print in the menu and the printer comes to life, feeding out a copy of your document on paper. It seems like a simple process, but in reality your request passed through many layers of software before reaching your printer. More ...

IEEE-1394 FireWire
IEEE 1394 FireWire is a serial bus designed by Apple Computer as a replacement for legacy interfaces like serial ports, parallel ports, and SCSI. Article updated for IEEE 1394a FireWire 400 and IEEE 1394b FireWire 800. More ...

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