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Basic PC Anatomy

CPU Cache Basics
After the processor accesses a location in memory, there's a high probability that the next location in memory that it will access is in the same area of memory. So to make the computer run faster, a a smaller, faster memory called a "cache" is placed between main memory and the processor. More ...

Serial ATA Hard Drive
New computers will begin using the SATA (Serial ATA) interface to the hard disk. Some new motherboards come with built-in SATA support. The SATA interface does not use a ribbon cable. Instead, it uses a cable similar to a network cable with only seven wires. More ...

How a laser Printer Works
Laser printers work by using a laser beam to transfer an image to an electrically charged, photo-sensitive drum. The charge on the drum attracts toner ink, which is transferred to the paper. The primary steps in the laser printing process are listed below. More ...

Basic Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Circuitry
One of the primary functions performed by a computer is mathematics. This article describes some of the logic circuits used to create the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) of a microprocessor. More ...

Hard Disk Drive Basics
On a hard disk, data is stored in thin, concentric bands. A drive head, while in one position can read or write a circular ring, or band called a track. There can be more than a thousand tracks on a 3.5-inch hard disk. More ...

ABC's Of DVD Drive Abbreviations
The number of different formats available in DVD drives can be confusing to anyone. A few of the common formats are DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM ,DVD+R DL and DVD±RW. In This article we take a look at the more common formats of DVD drives in order to shed some light on all the choices available. More ...

Understanding Computer Memory
Understanding computer memory is important because your computer's memory is where the action is. Sure your computer's central processing unit (CPU) may be the computer's brain, but what good is a brain without memory? More ...

Mach Speed P4MSD-800 D2 Via Socket 775 MicroATX Motherboard and Intel Pentium D 940 3.20GHz Processor Bundle
Based on the VIA P4M800 chipset, the Mach Speed P4MSD-800 D2 motherboard supports up to 2 DDR2 memory modules at 533MHz, up to 2GB. This high-end platform also supports AGP 8X, SATA, 6-channel audio, USB 2.0, Fast Ethernet LAN and more. More ...

Intel's Core i7 Processors
Core i7 is a family of Intel quad core processors, that is, they have four processors on a single silicon chip. All four processor cores and all memory caches, including a 64K L1 cache, a 256K L2 cache, and a shared L3 cache are located on one chip. The memory is also located on the same chip. More ...

Rambus DRAM (RDRAM) is a proprietary memory technology, designed by the Rambus Corporation, that is found in some Pentium III and Pentium 4 systems built between 2000 and 2002. When it was introduced it run at faster speed than conventional SDRAM. When DDR SDRAM was released, RDRAM became obsolete. More ...

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 Processor
The Athlon 64 X2 is the first dual-core CPU manufactured by AMD. It is essentially two Athlon 64 cores on one die joined together with additional control logic. The cores share one dual-channel memory controller. The benefit of dual-core processors is their ability to process more software threads at the same time. However, many programs are written with only one thread. More ...

Power Supply Form Factors
The shape and physical layout of a power supply is called its "form factor". Power supplies come in several industry standard form factors. Power supplies with the same form factor are physically interchangeable. More ...

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