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Basic PC Anatomy

Intel's Dual-Core Core i3 Processor
Core i3 is an entry-level 2-core processor using the 32nm Westmere micro-architecture. With a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 73 watts, the i3-530 is a cool-running chip that doesn't gobble loads of electricity, so those looking for a power-efficient, quiet machine will be happy with it. More ...

Motherboard Basics
A motherboard, also known as a main board, is the primary circuit board inside of a computer, and is where the central processing unit (CPU), memory, expansion slots, drives, and other peripheral devices are connected. More ...

Virtual Memory and Memory Paging
In the early days of computers, memory chips were small capacity, scarce, and expensive. Because of this a memory management scheme called paging was invented. More ...

External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (eSATA)
Initially all SATA (and PATA) interfaces were for internal hard disks. With the introduction of eSATA, the SATA interface can be used with external storage media. This puts eSATA in competition with Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Firewire. Especially since, like USB and Firewire, eSATA allows hot swapping. More ...

Installing an Optical Drive
Optical drives read (and may write) CDs; DVDs, HD DVDs; and BluRays. Virtually every modern PC contains an optical drive (either internally or externally), used as a media player, for installing new software, or as large capacity storage medium for computers. Installing your optical drives is an easy process that requires a bit of attention to detail. Here?s an easy-to-follow-installation guide. More ...

How to Choose a Computer Case
Computer cases come in many sizes, configurations, and with many features. Which case you need depends upon what you will use your computer for. You might choose a standard mid tower case for a home computer that will be used for word processing and spread sheets. For a game machine or server you might choose a full tower case because of its expansion capability. More ...

PC Motherboard Expansion Cards
The expansion slots available on motherboards allow for a variety of upgrades in a computer system, but matching the appropriate card to an available slot needs to be addressed before making any purchasing decisions. The most common types of expansion cards for modern computer systems can be broken down into three formats: PCI, AGP, and PCI Express. More ...

XFX nForce 750i SLI Motherboard
The XFX nForce 750i SLI is the fastest motherboard in its class. It is ideal to use for high-performance and fast speed gaming and can support several processors, including Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme, Intel Core 2 Quad and Intel Pentium LGA775. More ...

How Hard Disks Work
A hard disk drive consists of several main components. The first is one or more thin disks that spin at anything from 3650 to 15000 RPM. The second major component is the head assembly which consists of record/playback heads mounted on arms which pivot so that the heads can be placed over any of the tracks. More ...

Interrupt Request Lines (IRQs)
What happens when the CPU (Central Processor Unit) is busy doing something, like defragmenting the hard disk, and you press a key on the keyboard? An interrupt (IRQ) is a connection between a hardware device and the CPU. A hardware device uses it's assigned IRQ line to signal or interrupt the CPU when it needs attention. More ...

FREE Ebook - Basic PC Anatomy
This ebook explains the main components and functions of a computer in an efficient and concise manor without wasting your time. When you finish reading it, you'll understand basic PC anatomy. More ...

CompTIA A+ Training Kit - Safety Issues
When working on computers it's important to pay attention to safety considerations. CompTIA A+ Training Kit teaches computer safety issues as required for CompTIA A+ certification. More ...

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