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Victims of Sandy Hook

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How to Install a Power Supply

This video shows you:

How to choose a power supply
Range of power supply wattages
MicroATX system power supply unit (PSU)
350 watt power supply for basic unit
450 watt power supply PC with custom video card and gamming
800 watt power supply
1350 watt power supply for PC with multiple video cards
Power supply features - number and type of connectors for components
Motherboard power connectors - 20 pin, 24 pin, 20 + 4 pin
6 pin PCI express connector for video card
8 pin PCI express connector for video card
4 pin connector for 12 volts to motherboard
SATA power connectors
4 pin molex connector for old IDE components
Modular power supply
How to install power supply
Tools you'll need to install power supply
Proper positioning of power supply exhaust vent
Power supply cable management

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