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Victims of Sandy Hook

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Most Usefull ASCII Character Code Entities

Certain symbols are either not available on the standard keyboard, or could cause problems if used directly in html code. Those symbols should be replaced with their entity or character code equivalents. This is a list of the most useful entities and character codes.

character entity code description
& & & ampersand
> > > greater-than
< &lt; &#60; less-than
" &quot; &#34; quotation mark
&bull; &#8226; bullet
© &copy; &#169; copyright
@   &#126; at sign
&dagger; &#8224; dagger
&Dagger; &#8225; double dagger
&frasl; &#8260; fraction slash
π &pi; &#960; pi
µ &micro; &#181; micro
&prime; &#8242; prime or feet
&Prime; &#8243; double prime or inches
® &reg; &#174; registered trade mark
&trade; &#8482; trade mark
° &deg; &#176; degree
÷ &divide; &#247; division
&ge; &#8805; greater-than or equal-to
&le; &#8804; less-than or equal-to
× &times; &#215; multiplication
&radic; &#8730; radical sign
  &nbsp; &#160; non-breaking space
&oplus; &#8853; circled plus
&otimes; &#8855; circles times
&rarr; &#8594; right arrow
&rArr; &#8658; double right arrow
&larr; &#8592; left arrow
&lArr; &#8656; double left arrow
&uarr; &#8593; up arrow
&uArr; &#8657; double up arrow
&darr; &#8595; down arrow
&dArr; &#8659; double down arrow
&harr; &#8596; left-right arrow
&hArr; &#8660; double left-right arrow
&clubs; &#9827; club suit
&diams; &#9830; diamond suit
&hearts; &#9829; heart suit
&spades; &#9824; spade suit

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