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Checklist for Doing SEO of Website

Creating a website is one process and optimizing website for search engines is an essential part of the whole website project. This process starts from the very beginning and almost never ending process. Successful execution of SEO Projects requires skills in the areas of analysis, research, planning, copy writing and communication.

Whenever we start doing SEO for any website, the whole Search engine optimization (SEO) process is broken into different inter related phases. So for good ranking in search engines we should make clear strategy for SEO.

Below is the important checklist for doing SEO of website. This checklist contains most of the website ranking affected factors.

On-Page SEO

Understand the business and targeted market

Before start SEO it is better to understand what your organization's overall business strategy is. What is the targeted market or your business is full in which category? What does it say about objectives, strategy and budgets? What is the overall direction of the business and what can SEO contribute? Who are the online competitors of your business? Based on all these information you can start for keyword research.

Keyword research and selection

After understanding the market and business choose appropriate keywords which are suited for your business. Make a list of all important keywords. After doing this select those keywords which are most suitable for your business.

Title tag and Meta tag optimization

Make readable and keyword rich title tag, also make sure each and every page have unique title tag. The title tag must be short (6 or 7 words at most) and the keyword must be near the beginning. Meta tag is also important factor for on page. In meta description tag give overview of the web page. Also make meta keyword tag and add most important keywords in this.

Unique Content

Content is most important factor for website. Write unique content for each page of website. Don't use copy text for avoiding penalty from search engines.

Keyword density and placement

While writing content you should keep keyword density in mind. Apply 5 percent to 8 percent keyword density in particular web page. Also make sure keyword is also place Keywords come in regular manner as natural language.

Image Optimization

Search Engines only read text of the web pages. If you put images on the website then put alternate text for images so search engine's crawler can read it. Also use relevant image name like if you use images SEO marketing then make image as name of SEO-marketing.

Off-page SEO

Creation of Quality In bound Links

Directory submission

Directories give one way link for website. Make sure to use quality and niche web directory for website submission. Use High PageRank directories for website submission.

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