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How to Draw an Airplane

Drawing an airplane is much easier if you first construct two-point perspective guidelines. The first step is to draw a horizontal horizon line. On the horizontal horizon line you would place a vanishing point, or in this case two vanishing points (2-point perspective).

Two point perspective guidelines

A vanishing point would be placed on each end of the horizon line. A set of lines would be drawn from the bottom of the picture plane to each vanishing point. Using these construction lines as a guide allows your drawings to have a three-dimensional appearance.

Draw a cylinder

Step 1. Using your prospective lines as guides, draw cylinder guide lines as shown.

Draw the airplane's body

Step 2. Of course, an airplanes body is not a perfect cylinder, so using the cylinder as a guide, draw the shape of the airplane's body.

Draw guide lines for the front wings

Step 3. Using your prospective lines as a guide, draw two guide line rectangles representing the planes of the front wings. This is the trickiest part of drawing an airplane, so be patient. Remember, they're just guidelines. Don't be afraid to erase your first tries. Step back and see how they look.

Draw the front wings

Step 4. Using the two front wing guide line rectangles draw the actual shapes of the front wings. Note the air foil shape of the top of the wing.

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