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Inkscape Basic Fill

You can fill a shape with just about any color, texture, or pattern that you desire. In this article we discuss how to fill a shape with a basic color.

In order to fill a shape, it must be selected. To select a shape, click anywhere inside the shape. Double-pointed arrows around the shape's boarder indicate that it is selected.

Object popup menu

When youm right-click on a shape, a popup menu will appear. If the Fill and Stroke dialog box is not visible, select Fill and Stroke ... in the popup menu.

Fill and Stroke dialog box

In the Fill and Stroke dialog box, make sure the Fill tab is selected. Note that at the top of the dialog box are buttons to select the type of fill. The first button, with the [X] is for No Paint. Personally, I have never used that button. For now we are interested in only the second button, Flat Fill Color.

Just below the buttons to select the type of fill are five buttons to select the color coding method to be used. The first is the [RGB] coding button. The second is the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminosity) coding button. The third is the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) coding button. HSL and CMYK are color coding methods sometimes used by professional artists.

In this article we are primarily concerned with RGB and Wheel. Wheel referrs to the color wheel. The color wheel is the easiest way to select a color.

Color wheel

Click on the [Wheel] button to select the color wheel. Noe that the color wheel appears as a rainbow colored circle with a triangle inside. Note the white line emanating from one of the triangle's corners. You can drag this line around the circle with your mouse pointer. As you drag the line, the color just below the line appears in the triangle.

Note that the triangle is filled with a graduation of shades of the selected color. A shade is the color with a certain amount of black or white added. As you drag the white line around the circle, and move the tiny circle within the triangle, the selected color is immediately transferred to the inside of your selected shape. This is the easiest way to select a fill color.

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