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Java Script Quick Reference

Data Types
LiteralsConstantsReserved Words

Assignment Operators Comparison Operators Logical Operators
+= (A = A + B) > (Greater Than) && (AND)
-= (A = A - B) < (Less Than) || (OR)
*= (A = A * B) == (Equal to) ! (NOT)
⁄= (A = A ⁄ B) != (NOT Equal to)  
%= (A = A % B) <= (Less Than or Equal to)  
  >= (Greater Than or Equal to)  

Bitwise Operators Arithmetic Operators
& (And) + (Addition) / (Division)
| (Or) - (Subtraction) / (Division)
^ (XOr) - (Negation) ++ (Incrementation)
<< (Shift left) - (Negation) -- (Decrementation)
>> (Shift right)   % (Modulus)

Control Structures
if/else for Loop continue
switch/case for/in Loop break
try/catch while Loop do/while Loop

Global Functions
alert() eval() escape()
confirm() Number() unescape()
prompt() parseFloat()encodeURI()
  parseInt() decodeURI()
  isNaN() encodeComponentURI()
  .toString() decodeURIComponent()

Screen Object Properties

Window Object
Methods Properties Events
blur() history (object) onBlur
close() location (object) onClick
focus() closed ondblclick
moveBy() frames onError
moveTo() innerHeight onFocus
open() innerWidth onhelp
print() name onkeydown
resizeBy() opener onkeypress
resizeTo() outerHeight onkeyup
scroll() outerWidth onLoad
scrollBy() pageXOffset onmousedown
scrollTo() pageYOffset onmouseup
  parent onmousemove
  screen (object) onmouseout
  screenLeft onmouseover
  screenTop onmouseup
  screenX onmouseenter
  screenY onmouseleave
  self onresize
  status onUnload
  document (object)  
  navigator (object)  

Document Object
getElementById forms[i].elements[j] .referrer
getElementsByTagName .fileCreatedDate .title
write .fileModifiedDate .URL
writeln .fileSize .domain
  .alinkColor .anchors[]
  .bgColor .applets[]
  .fgColor .embeds[]
  .linkColor .images[]
  .vlinkColor .links[]

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