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Cascading Style Sheets Quick Reference

This is a Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) quick reference. It provides quick basic descriptions of how to do things with CSS. For simplicity, most of the examples show how to set style using the inline method. You should be able to easily convert these to embedded or externally linked declarations.


InLine Style Embedded Style Sheet External Style Sheet <link>
Define Style Class CSS Units Set The Cursor Style Rollover Effects


Attribute Selector Class Selector Descendant Selector Grouped Selectors
Context Selectors Pseudo-class Selectors ID Selector nth-child Selector

Box Model

Box Model Display Property Width Height
Margin Padding Set the box-sizing Property Overflow
Visibility Clipping Z Index Vertical Alignment
Float word-wrap    


border-color border-style border-width Set the border
border-collapse border-radius    


background-color background-image background-position background-attachment
background-repeat background-clip Set the background background-origin.asp


Color Specification    


position:relative position:absolute position-fixed  


list-style-type list-style-image list-style-position list-style



Text and Font

Text Alignment Text Case Text Color Text Decoration
Text Highlight Text Justification Indent First Line of Text Letter Spacing
Word Spacing Line Spacing Style First Letter Style the First Line
Font Slant Font Boldness Font Family Font Size
Font Style Font Variant word-wrap  

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