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Set the Font Family

Use the font-family property to set the text font. Font family values you include arial, courier, times, erdana, and many more.

<p style="font-family:times;">This Font is Times.</p>

This Font is Times.

<p style="font-family:courier;">This Font is Courier.</p>

This Font is Courier.

Note: In html the <font face> tag was used to set the font family i.e. <font face="Arial">. The <font> tag was deprecated in HTML 4.0 in favor of style sheets.

Note: If the font that you specify is not installed on the users computer, a default or substitute font will be used. This could produce unpredictable results. A web-safe font is guaranteed to be present on allmost all computers. Try to always use a web-safe font. The only truely web-safe fonts are arial,courier,times, and verdana,.

If you want to use a different font, you should specify one of the web-safe fonts as a second choice, as shown below.

<p style="font-family:comic sans MS,verdana;">This Font is Comic.</p>

This Font is Comic.

The examples here use in-line style. To specify the font for all paragraphs on a webpage, you would use an embeded style block, i.e. you would paste the code shown below into the head section of your webpage.

<style type="text/css">
font-family: verdana; 

If the font that you specified is not available on the user's system, it will choose a replacement. It may choose a font that you don't like. However, the font-family property allows you to define one or more alternate fonts, as shown below, that can be substituted if the primary font is not available.

<style type="text/css">

Start with the font you want, and list alternate fonts in order of desirability.

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