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Set the Border Properties

Use the border property as a shorthand method to set all three border properties in one declaration. You can set from one to three properties. The properties must be in the order: width, style, color.

Below is an example of using inline style to set the border properties for a span.

<span style="border: 2px solid blue;">Border Property Shorthand</span>

Border Property Shorthand

Note that there are no commas or semicolons between the property values.

Border Width Values

Border width is the thickness of the border in pixels, or the name values: thin, medium, or thick.

Border Style Values

The border style value can be none, dotted, dashed, solid, double, outset, inset, grove, or ridge.

Border Color Values

The border color can be set using a color name, hexadecimal notation, or an rgb tripplet. An example of hexadecimal notation is #0000ff (hexadecimal for the color blue). An example of rgb tripplet is rgb(0,255,0) (rgb for the color green).

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