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Set the Letter Spacing

Use the CSS letter-spacing property to increase or decreases the space between letters. You might set the letter spacing different than the default setting when you need the text to fill a predefined area, or when you want to add an attention-getting effect. You can increase or decrease the letter spacing.

Shown below is the default spacing between letters.


Increase the letter spacing to get attention. Shown below is the letter-spacing set to 4 pixels.

<p style="letter-spacing:4px;">BIG SALE</p>


Decrease the letter spacing to create an over-lapping effect. To decrease the letter spacing less than the default setting, use a negative value. Shown below is the letter-spacing set to -4 pixels.

<p style="letter-spacing:-4px;">BIG SALE</p>


Because the letter-spacing property is inherited, you may need to set it to the value normal to return the letter spacing to default in a child element. Shown below, the letter spacing for the div is set to 10 pixels, but the letter spacing for the span within the div is set to normal.

<div style="letter-spacing:10px;">These words are
<span style="letter-spacing:normal;">
These letters are spaced normally</span>
spaced 10 pixels</div>
These letters are These letters are spaced normally spaced 4 pixels

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