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Get Webpage File Date and File Size

The document object has several properties that can provide you with information about a webpage's file. The document object's fileCreatedDate, fileModifiedDate, and fileSize properties can be used to determine the date a webpage was created, the date it was last modified, and the size of the webpage file. The example below shows how you could display these properties.

<script language="JavaScript">

function getSizeDates()
document.writeln("Created: " + document.fileCreatedDate);
document.writeln("Modified: " + document.fileModifiedDate);
document.writeln("Size: " + document.fileSize + " bytes");


<body onload="getSizeDates()">

These methods receive their information from the operating system file manager, so you must understand how the operating system deals with files to understand the information provided by these methods. For example, if you move a file, it keeps the same fileCreatedDate. If you make a copy of the file, the fileCreatedDate of the copy will be the date you created the copy. Renaming a file does not change the fileCreatedDate, but the fileModifiedDate will be the date that you renamed the file.

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