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The Screen Object

Maybe your layout is such that the user must have a certain screen size, a minimum screen size, or a certain color depth for your webpage to look right. The Screen object gives you that information about the user's sreen.

Object PropertyReturns
screen.widthThe screen width in pixels
screen.heightThe screen height in pixels
screen.availWidthAvailable screen width after subtracting for task bar
screen.availHeightAvailable screen height after subtracting for task bar
screen.colorDepthNumber of bits used to store a color pixel
screen.fontSmoothingEnabledFont Smoothing as set in Windows Control Panel

Click Here to get screen information.

<script type="text/javascript">
function screenInfo()
  var outStr = "Screen Width= " + screen.width + "<br />";
  outStr += "Screen Height= " + screen.height + "<br />";
  outStr += "Available Screen Width= " + screen.availWidth + "<br />";
  outStr += "Available Screen Height= " + screen.availHeight + "<br />";
  outStr += "Color Depth= " + screen.colorDepth + "<br />";
  outStr += "Font Smoothing Enabled= " + screen.fontSmoothingEnabled + "<br />"

  document.getElementById("scrninfo").innerHTML = outStr;

Note: The screen object is a property of the window object, but you don't need to specify the window object when calling the screen object because the window object is the default object.

window.resizeTo(screen.availWidth, screen.availHeight);

An example use of the Screen object might be to use the window object's resizeTo method to make the users browser window go full-screen when it displays your webpage.

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