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Screen Tape Adding Machine

This works like an old paper tape adding machine, except that the tape is on the computer screen, not on paper. To add a column of numbers, enter your first number in the top input box, and press the keyboard [Enter] key. A second input box will appear below the top input box.

Enter your second number in the second input box and press the [Enter] key. A third input box will appear below the second input box, and the total of the first two numbers will appear in the Total: box. Continue entering numbers, the total will appear in the Total: box.


• You can enter a number with a decimal point, but do not enter commas. To enter a negative number, prefix the number with a - sign. Negative numbers are subtracted from the total.

• You can scroll back and edit a number in the tape, but you must press the keyboard [Enter] key while the cursor is in one of the input boxes to calculate the new total.

• To save your tape, click here and, in the File menu of the popup window that appears, select Print... or Save As....

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