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Random Password Generator

Sometimes it's difficult to think of a unique password for every Web site that requires one. And if you're a webmaster or system administrator, you may need to create many unique passwords. Click the button below to generate a human friendly eight character password.

The passwords are created by combining two randomly selected four character dictionary words. Even though the four character words are in the dictionary, the concatenation of any two of them is not. You might think the passwords this creates are not the most secure in the world, and you would be right. The advantage of this password generator is that the resulting passwords are easy to remember.

If you desire a highly secure password instead, then use the password generator below. First, enter the desired number of characters in the password. Then click on the "Make Password" button.

Number of characters:

The second password generator creates a sequence of random upper-case and lower-case characters and digits. Although the passwords are highly secure, they are a human unfriendly and difficult to remember jumble of nonsense. If you've ever received a password like that, you know how annoying they can be.

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