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Online Statistics Calculator

Enter your first data item into the input box. You can enter a number with a decimal point, but do not enter commas. Press your keyboard [Enter] key and a new data entry box will appear below the first box. Each time you enter a data item and press the [Enter] key, a new entry box will appear. Continue entering up to 300 data items.

Note: You can scroll back and edit a data item in the tape, but you must press the keyboard [Enter] key while the cursor is in one of the input boxes to update the data.


Click on the button for the statistic that you desire and it will appear in the Result text box.

To save your tape, click here and, in the File menu of the popup window that appears, select Print... or Save As....

Note: There are two types of variance calculations; population variance and sample variance. In order to calculate population variance you need data about the entire population. With sample variance you enter data about a limited number of the population. Sample variance lets you make conclusions about the population based upon that sample data. This calculator provides sample variance and sample standard deviation. Please contact me if you have any comments or need more information.

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