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Home Screen Printing Workshop

Do It Yourself Techniques, Design Ideas, and Tips for Graphic Prints

Images produced by the process of screen-printing surround us everywhere we go, from the garments we wear to the pillows we put on our couches; from the bags we carry our belongings in to the mugs from which we drink coffee. Screen printing has a long history - it's the way Andy Warhol had his celebrity portraits produced.

It can be done on a large scale, but it is also very easy to do with simple and affordable materials at home. With the increasing interest in personalization and in making a statement with your own customized clothes and artwork, screen printing is being rediscovered by the younger DIY audience. It is a technique with a long history - but suddenly lots of crafters are trying their hand at it at home.

The aim of this book is to simplify the process of screen-printing. Presented in a step-by-step format to show that it can be used in a variety of environments, whether you plan to print on a table in a kitchen (that's how Laura Ashley started her design empire), a longer table in a garage, or a full studio in a basement or loft. It will also include chapters on adapting screen-printing to pecial areas of artistic interest and suggestions for applying the technique to produce something beautiful and functional.

Partial Contents:

How to Set Up a Small Screen Printing Studio
Making a Photographic Screen
Basic Printing Methods
Printing on T-Shirts
Printing a Multicolor Design
Where to Find Ideas
Troubleshooting Common Screen Print Problems

Techniques include:

simple resist printing
making a direct block-out screen
using found objects
making repeat designs
printing a multicolor design
printing on T-Shirts
creating an engineered print
using the drama of black and white
printing with special inks
discharge printing
making a photographic screen with textures

Home Screen Printing Workshop shows you how to print their own designer T-shirts, tote bags, scarves or posters, banners and serigraphs. The sections include simple resist printing, making a direct block out screen, making a photographic screen with found objects, making a one color simple repeat design, printing a multicolor design, printing on t-shirts, creating an engineered print, using the drama of B&W, printing with three dimensional ink, discharge printing (ink-less printing), making a photographic screen with textures, and solving common screen print problems.

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