Export Inkscape Drawing as an Image

Inkscape free Open Source vector graphics illustration application

Inkscape is a free Open Source vector graphics illustration application that works similar to Adobe Illustrator. Unlike a raster graphics drawing application, a vector graphics editor allows you to use your mouse to edit your image by selecting and dragging points on the geometrical objects in the image.

Export image menu

Inkscape uses the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. Although Inkscape drawings can be embedded in webpages, for most other applications you'll need a raster image format such as .png (public network graphic). You can export your drawing in that format by selecting Export PNG image in the File menu.

Export image dialog box

The Export PNG image dialog box will appear. In this dialog box you can enter the coordinates of the part of the drawing that you want to export as an image. The easiest way to export an image is export the page as an image. Click on the [Page] button, then in the Filename text box enter the path and filename you want the image saved to. Also make sure the Image size spin boxes are set to the size of the page, which you can determine by selecting Document Properties... in the File menu.

When all the information is set, click on the [Export] button. The image file will appear at the location you have specified. If .png file format is not what you want, you'll need to use a paint program to convert the file to the desired format.

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