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How to Draw a Cartoon Rat

Rats are sometimes nasty creatures that tend to eat whatever garbage they can find. But in six easy steps using simple shapes you can easily draw a cute, happy rat.

How to Draw a Rat

Want more fun drawing cute animals?

Kids who love their pets and love to cartoon will absolutely love this book! Written by Pixar Animator Matthew Luhn, it includes eight sections of step-by-step instruction on how to draw cartoon pets. Cats, birds, reptiles, farm animals, and more are all included. Ages 7 and up.

Reader Adrianne says,"The kids loved to draw these characters and were easy to understand!"

This book provides complete easy step-by-step instructions for drawing drawing 20 cartoon-style animals. There's also another 40 drawings that are simple variations of those 20, so you'll have no dificulty in also drawing them. These are not the lame drawings you find in some how-to-draw books, these all look professional. Click here for more information.

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