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How to Draw a Dragon

Anyone who's seen Harry Potter knows a dragon is monstrous fire-breathing flying reptile with huge claws. As far a we know dragons no-longer inhabit the earth, but they're still scary to look at and think about, and fun to draw. Below are the steps to draw a dragon.

How to draw a dragon

The last step is to color your dragon.

Color your dragon

This is just one of 17 projects in the book Dynamic Art Projects for Children

Dynamic Art Projects for Children

Reader Jewel says, "This book has wonderful, step-by-step instructions with full color photographs. The projects use a variety of mediums and techniques, and I appreciate that many of the lessons appeal to boys (dragons, space, lizards etc.). This is a great art resource for homeschoolers as it fits nicely with numerous unit studies (ex. the cactus/banyan tree/leaf/flower projects for botany, the castle/dragon for medieval history, cat/bird/bug/sea creature projects for zoology, fantasy space project for astronomy, African mask/rock art projects for countries & cultures, and a number of projects inspired by the great masters. The book includes helpful tips, detailed material lists (as well as photos of what is needed), and clearly defines upfront the concepts covered in each lesson."

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