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How to Draw a Lizard

Draw a Lizard

Lizards are funny little reptiles, interesting both to see in the wild and own as pets. Here are some easy steps you can follow to learn to draw your very own lizard.

Draw a Lizard Step 1

Draw an oval for the head. Sketch in outlines for the facial features.

Draw a Lizard Step 2

Draw a circle for the eye and add a line for the mouth. You could make your lizard smile if you want!

Draw a Lizard Step 3

Add a slender, small oval for the neck. Add a large one for the body and add in a long tail.

Draw a Lizard Step 4

Add two small ovals each for the legs and small circles for the feet. Add in small ovals for the fingers and don't forget to connect each with a curved line for it to look webbed!

Draw a Lizard Step 5

Add in details. You can add spots, lines, or something else entirely your own; it's up to you!

Draw a Lizard Step 6

Outline the whole image. Erase any unnecessary guidelines.

Draw a Lizard Step 7

Color it in. Typically lizards are green or brownish to blend in to their surroundings, but you can make yours whatever crazy colors you like.

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