As a business, you are always looking for ways to reach new bigger markets With over 600 million active users Facebook is that market. So how do you harness the potential of this huge social network? Easy. Start with these ten tips.
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Ten Ways to Grow Your Business With Facebook

As a business, you are always looking for ways to reach new markets. Bigger markets. Markets full of people who will sit up and take note or your message or product. Well, Facebook is just that market. With over 600 million active users and counting, it is open for business 24⁄7 so user can play, share, network, shop and research businesses like yours. So how do you harness the potential of this huge social network? Easy. Start with these ten tips.

1. Create a Fan Page for your Business

Step one for growing your business on Facebook is getting a interesting and targeted fan page up and running. It doesn't have to be gimmicky or over the top. It just has to speak to your audience and be there. Facebook isn't about big publicity stunts; it's about using the right way.

2. Be Active on your Fan Page

Once you start getting fans, they want to see your presence on your Facebook page. Generate lots of content, make announcements, comment on their pages or posts. Let them know you're there and interested in them.

3. Offer Exclusive Offers, Discounts or Loyalty Cards to Facebook Fans

If you want people to like your page, give them a little incentive. Free swag, great contests, valuable coupons or loyalty cards that are exclusive to fans of your page will keep them searching for you in their newsfeed.

4. Generate Useful, Timely and/or Controversial Content

To grow your network, generate content that your audience will want to share with all of their friends. Whether it's a hilarious video, fascinating news article, exciting press release or controversial product, content that your fans find valuable will go viral and make your business a Facebook sensation.

5. Develop Games or Apps for your Business

Does the word Farmville mean anything to you? How about Word Scramble? A lot of Facebook users are playing the thousands of games and apps available to them as a way to beat boredom. If your business has a branded game, quiz or app that focuses on your messaging and provides a little fun, it's a unique marketing vehicle that will help grow your fan base.

6. Facebook Advertising

It's surprisingly affordable and extremely targeted. Just set your budget, pick your audience and enjoy the pay-per-click advertising that will only show up for people who may have an interest in your product or service.

7. Cozy Up to your Competition

Social networks are surprisingly friendly. It's a great opportunity for your to make friends with your competition, use them as a sounding board and have open communication with them on neutral ground. Don't worry about creating an alias to check them out. Friend them, like them and message them. They're a great place to learn what works and what doesn't on Facebook in your industry.

8. Facebook SEO Tactics

Use your Info and About pages to create keyword-rich content that will help drive web traffic to your Facebook page as well as your webpage. It's the only two places you have an opportunity to do this- make it count!

9. Give Back to your Fans

Link to and promote others that fit well with your business or messaging. It shows you are an engaged and giving member of the Facebook community, builds trust and credibility and ultimately increases your fans.

10. Use Facebook Insight for Valuable Metrics

If you're using the tool, you should be measuring it's impact. Use Facebook Insight to gain information such as who is following you, where they're from, what they're habits are and other helpful information for learning to target your messaging. It's like Google Analytics for Facebook.

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