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Online Grammar Checker - Confusables

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A confusable is a word that sounds similar to another word but has a different meaning, or a word that doesn't sound the same, but whose meaning is frequently confused with another word. A spell-checker won't find a confusable. Type or paste your text in the top text area and click on the [Find Confusable] button. This application will search your text for a confusable and mark it with brackets.

The meaning of the confusable, and the meaning of alternate words will be displayed in the Information: text area. You can edit the confusable in your text if the word is not the one that you intended. Then click on the [Find Confusable] button again to search for the next confusable, until no more confusables are found. You may need to scroll in order to locate the confusable in your text.

Note; technically this application is not a "grammar" checker. more properly it's a "usage" checker. This application will not find nor search for any spelling or grammar problems, only confusables.

Unfortunately the English language is very complicated and there are many more confusable words than are found by this application. This application can find over 187 possible confusables. I'll be adding more confusables to the application's data base, but I doubt that it will ever be able to find ALL confusables. If you have a favorite confusable that this application cannot find, or if you have any comments, please contact me thought the contact form on this Web site.

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