In this video beginners learn the basics of creating a website and what they need to get started.
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Beginners! Create a Website Here

This video provides you with a quick overview to creating a Website

What You Need to Build a Website
• The domain name creates the address of your site
• How to register a Domain name

A website cannot exist without a web host
• choosing the right website host
• Why never use a free webhost

Web Building Software
• CoffeeCup & Dreamweaver
• Nvu and Komposer are two free editors you can download
• How to code HTML from scratch
• Using free HTML templates

Other Website Features
• message forum
• chat room
• online guestbook

Interactive features on a website requires a script
• A script is a file that contains code
• Make sure your web host supports the kind of script and functionality you want to us

Making Money from Your Website
• various ways you can make money online

Outsource The Programming

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