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99 Blogging Tips, Strategies, And Must Haves - Make Your Blog A Success

In Jack Mitchell's book, 99 Blogging Tips, Strategies, And Must Haves - Make Your Blog A Success, you will get a detailed look at all of things you should be thinking about when creating a blog. This book covers traffic and promotion strategies, tools and blog necessities, the type of content you SHOULD be creating, monetizing your blog, creating a product, and a lot of other little "gold nuggets" as some of us say.


I believe the first thing you need to do before even creating the blog is to ask yourself three questions. I call them the Ws. Who are you? Why should people listen to you? What do you have to offer? Let's dive in a little deeper...

Who are you?

Seriously, who are you? What's your name, what is your background, what country are you from?

Tell your readers who you are, and what you're about. Your blog readers will be more likely to come back, because they get that personal feeling. The feeling that they are visiting your blog to visit YOU. Make the social blogging experience more friendly, which will indeed grab the attention of more people.

Why should people listen to you?

You don't have to directly tell people why they should listen to you, it should be transparent from the very beginning.

Telling your readers who you are is great, but now you have to put your money where your mouth is. People listen to people with great content. People listen to people who are helpful. people listen to people who are inspiring and positive.

When someone visits your blog, what are the first few things they see? Does your blog make you look like a reliable, trustworthy, personable source? These are just some things to think about, we'll get into more strategic thinking later.

What do you have to offer?

Here we are, the offer. What do you have to offer to your visitors? If I sent you 10,000 visitors to your blog, do they convert? Do they opt-in to an email list? Do they share your content for you? Do they buy a product? Do they download a freebie?

But it's not just about getting the leads - it's about giving them an offer they can't refuse. Again, I'll get into a lot more detail on these strategies later in this book, but these are the things you need to be thinking about BEFORE anything else. You can get all the traffic in the world to a page on your blog, but if you don't have something to offer, then all that traffic goes to waste.

Defining Your Mission And Goals

Okay, so you've gone through the three Ws, now it's time to define your mission and your goals.

It doesn't matter where you put it, just make sure it's on your blog and people can find it easily. Some have it on their "about me" page, some have it on their home page. Others put it in their header at the top of every page.

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