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How to Make Teddy Bear Clothes

Make teddy bear clothes

Teddy bear clothing can be made with ease from small pieces of fabric you have lying around at home. There's no need to outlay a fortune to create teddy's wardrobe and even better, you get to use your imagination in making teddy's clothes.

Make teddy bear clothes step 1

1. Make the pattern. Measure your bear. Measure the body/torso width and height.

Make teddy bear clothes step 2

2. Draw the design on paper. Add enough room to sew, about 1.5 centimeter (0.6 in) or half an inch is all you need. Cut out and pin the simple t-shirt paper pattern to the fabric of your choice.

Make teddy bear clothes step 3

3. Use chalk to trace the paper cut-out. Alternatively: Pin the paper pattern to your fabric and cut around it.

Make teddy bear clothes step 4

4. Repeat so you have two pieces of cut-out fabric. These will be joined together.

Make teddy bear clothes step 5

5. Align the two pieces together. Pin to keep the pieces in place as you sew.

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