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How to Make a Teddy Bear Using Felt

It's common to give a teddy bear as a gift to a child or a loved one, but it is rare to give a teddy bear that you made yourself. If you're willing to put your sewing skills to work, you can give this traditional toy a personal touch and offer it affectionately to a special person.

Make a teddy bear step 1

Step 1 Make the arms. Cut out four bunny ear shapes. These will form the arms. Sew two pieces together using a machine or a basic stitch of your choice to form each one of the arms. Leave a slit at the end open for stuffing.

Make a teddy bear step 2

Step 2 Make the legs. Repeat the previous step bit with slightly larger shapes to make the legs. You can adjust the shape of the leg to get your bear to look or sit differently.

Make a teddy bear step 3

Step 3 Draw out and made the profile of the head. Draw a profile (side-view) of the head that you want for your bear. Cut out two pieces in this shape. Next, stitch them together from the neck up to the nose.

Make a teddy bear step 4

Step 4 Cut the gusset for the head. Cut the gusset, or middle piece, to go between the two head pieces you already cut and sewed. Draw out a shape like a men's tie and make it long enough to reach between the point of the nose, all the way around to the back of the neck. You will need to line it up at the neck and pin it in place before sewing.

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