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How to Draw Car - A Tutorial

Drawing is beautiful a hobby. It takes very little money to get started. A piece of paper and a pencil is all you require to enjoy the fun of drawing. But in spite of the simplicity it can be source of great pleasure.

I myself find great pleasure in drawing various animals, natural scenes and specially cars. It is endless fun because there are so many models so much of beautiful and challenging curves... It is really amazing.

Drawing cars is not for rank beginners, because one needs to have well formed idea about lines and shapes to complete a 4wheeler on paper.

To be good in drawing cars you must keep three things in mind.

1. You will have to practice a lot
2. Start with simple models that do not have too many complex curves.
3. Do not be too conscious about what you produce at the beginning. Being too demanding on yourself at the outset may thwart the growth and you might stop trying.

Here in this article I will detail a procedure that you can use to draw a simple vehicle. The diagrams mentioned in this article can be found at the page mentioned at the end of this article.

Draw a cars basic structure

First step: Draw few simple curves as shown in the diagram to create the basic structure. Here you need to concentrate on the overall form. Do not concentrate on the details.

Add details to car drawing

Second step: At this step add few more details as per the diagram given. Head light sockets and some details of the bumper are the things that you will be adding to your drawing at this step.

add wheels, steering, and outline of seats

Third step: Now it's time to add wheels, steering, and outline of the seats in your drawing. Try to follow the diagram as far as possible. If are just starting out do not deviate much from the given diagram. But if you have some experience you can add your own ideas to the drawing.

Complete seats, and rear part of car

Fourth step: Complete the seats, and rear part of your car as given in the picture. If you have done the previous three steps sincerely this step would not pose much of problem as at these step you would be finishing and finalizing the work you have already done.

The diagrams for this tutorial can be found here. Do not forget to check the Complete Course of Cartoon Drawing if you are really interested to have fun from drawing.

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