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FREE eBook - 30 Ways to Promote Your Website on a Shoestring Budget

30 Ways to Promote Your Website on a Shoestring Budget

You are very excited! You have finally created your own website! But the trouble is customers aren't knocking on your website door. Why? What should you do?

The most probable answer is that your customers don't know about your website. Creating a website is like building a house. If you don't tell your friends they won't know you've built a house. Even if they do know you've been building it, if you don't tell them your address they'll never find you.

And the same goes for your website. There is no magic internet fairy who will knock on people's door to announce your website's arrival. The task is up to you. To get your website marketing off the ground you either need to spend time learning and doing it or spend money and get somebody else to do it.

There are hundreds of ways to promote your business. You can do it on line or off line or a combination of both. Much will depend on your budget and the time you have available.

Partial contents...

• Email Marketing
• ;Search Engines
• Link Exchanges
• Banner Advertising
• Classified Ads
• Plus many more!

Choose as many options from this ebook as your time and budget allows.

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