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The Roles of Each Person Involved in a Joint Venture

Let's break down the roles of each person involved in a JV and see why they would want to participate.

1. The Endorser: This is the list owner. Why would a list owner want to give their powerful endorsement of someone else to their list. It is simple:

a. To make money: When you endorse someone else's product to your list, you do so for a percentage of the profits. 50 percent is the norm. However, you have the right to demand as much of a percentage of the sale as you want and here is why. The person being endorsed is gaining new customers for his/her list. They will make money from this list in the future and you will not see one penny of it!! You should capitalize on the profits made now.

b. To look great to a customer list: It is extremely time consuming to constantly create new products. So, instead of creating your own products, you can find other entrepreneurs offering high quality products that you like and either already use or are willing to begin using and you strike up a deal.

When you recommend other useful, helpful, high quality products to your audience you look like a hero in their eyes. Think that your customers will listen to you again in the future? They sure will!

c. To test the responsiveness of your list: This is a good chance to see what your customers want to buy. If they buy the product that you endorse, that is a good indication of what they will buy in the future.

2. The Endorsee: This is the person gaining an introduction to the list by having the list owner endorse his⁄her product or service. You may be wondering why this person would ever want to give up a huge percentage of his/her profits simply to be introduced to a list.

a. You as the endorsee have now gained new customers without spending advertising dollars: Let me clarify one thing first: In offline JV's you may have to cover the cost of mailing your sales letter. However, the lifetime value of a customer far outweighs the cost it took you to get that new customer. For instance, you may now mail future offers to that client yourself (including the most important offer ofthem all: The Back End).

b. You can make more profits with a JV than you ever could mailing to a "Cold List": You can piggyback off the credibility of the list owner.

There is potentially one other person in this deal and this could very well be you right after you read this. So pay close attention as this is an incredible way to make money:

3. The JV Dealmaker or Broker: This is a person who brings these two parties together and takes a percentage of the profits created out of nothing more than a list. Why would anyone do this?

a. To make obscene profits simply for being able to bring people together: I look at it like this: these people you bring together do not have any idea what kind of profits they are sitting on.

As a JV broker you arrange the deal and educate the prospects and all you ask for is a share of the profits. I think 15-20 percent is fair. You DO NOT CHARGE ANYTHING UPFRONT. This will kill your chances of making the deal and if you do make a deal for money up front you could be missing out on a much higher percentage of the profits.

Some of the true masters of the JV deal, Mike Enlow and Jay Abraham, refuse to take anything upfront for brokering these deals. This not only increases their credibility but furthermore, when they insist on taking a percentage of all profits made off the deal including backend sales it makes them very wealthy!

b. To get referrals for this kind of consulting so that you begin to get calls for educating others in the "Art of the JV": Another income stream!

Would you like to know how to bring your own products, services (or even your ideas) to market even if you have no money, no contacts and no resources of your own? Joint Venture Secrets Revealed 2.0 will give you the blueprint you must have.

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