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Internet Marketing For Newbies - Using Google to Check Competition

There are many aspects to researching for any internet marketing campaign. Proper research is vital, and will make the difference between one that will make you money, and one that doesn't make a dime. There are many different aspects of your campaign to research, and just as many different ways to do it. I will show you just a small one that I use to judge how much potential competition a keyword has, and one that confuses many new article marketers. And that is using Google itself to find information that you will need to rank well with that search engine.

The first thing most people will tell you is to put your keyword in quotes in the Google search bar to find how much competition that particular phrase has. How many results you want depending on the person giving you the advice. The number can be anywhere from 10,000 to 5,000 or less, or any number really. It can be all over the board.

Following this piece advice, our newbie usually asks, "Why do we check our keyword in quotes when nobody types the search in this way?". The reason is this - putting your keyword in quotes shows you how much competition that keyword has. This means that it shows you exactly how many of Google's indexed web pages has that exact phrase in it.

For example, let's say your keyword is how to lose weight quickly. If the keyword is in quotes, it will show you how many websites have this exact phrase within it. If the phrase is NOT entered in quotes, then it will show you any web page that has these words anywhere on them, in any particular order. So "how to" could be in the first paragraph of the web page, "lose" could be in the third paragraph, "weight" could be in the fourth paragraph... you get the idea.

So we as marketers don't care how many web pages have these words randomly appearing on a web page. We want to know which web pages have this exact phrase, because we are trying to rank for that exact phrase. But with that being said, don't use this method. That's right... don't use it. At least not exclusively. There are other more accurate methods that you can use to find your real number of competition. And the method is so simple that I don't know why this isn't more commonly taught than the "quotes" method.

There are only a few basic steps that you should use to check how easily you can rank on Google's first page. Here they are:

First, enter your keyword in Google like this intitle:"your quoted keyword here" inanchor:"your quoted keyword here". What this does is ask Google which websites have your keyword in the title of the page, and in the anchor text of the page. Why is this important? Because Google gives higher rankings to pages that use the keyword in these areas, as well as in the content. They will rank a page higher with this keyword in these areas because it sees the page as being very relevant to the content. Using our example above, Google will look for pages that have "how to lose weight quickly" in the title of the page (or article) and in the anchor text, and give you those results. The number of results will be significantly less than just your usually "quoted keyword" results.

So what do you do with this information? Well the first thing I would do is check to see if your keyword has ten results or less. That's what I use, and have been successful using that number. Many web pages are not fully optimized for a particular keyword, so it will be pretty easy to find a keyword with ten or less results. And if you fully optimize your webpage by putting your keyword a few times in your article, in your title, and in your anchor text, you should be able to rank on the first page no problem.

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