Building a successful website starts with an idea and must follow up with messaging, communications and connecting with potential visitors. To take your site to the next level and to generate increased levels of targeted traffic, you'll need to begin creating high quality back links.
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How to Create Back Links to Your Website

In the famous baseball movie "Field of Dreams" Kevin Costner wonders why nobody came to play on his home-made baseball diamond. Building a successful website, much like building a sports field, starts with an idea and must follow up with messaging, communications and connecting with potential visitors. To take your site to the next level and to generate increased levels of targeted traffic, you will need to begin creating high quality back links to your website.

In order to begin a successful link building campaign, it's best to start refining the look and messaging of your own site - make sure that when you reach out to link partners, you have the right domain, design and on-page elements that will give them confidence in linking back to your site.

Quality Back links are Essential

At a base level, there are a number of back links you can create to your site through directory submissions. Directories are designed to provide users with a list of topical sites which are checked for quality and reliability - always make sure that you submit your site to the proper category and include a relevant, unique description of its content.

Some of the largest directories on the web are DMOZ (The Open Directory), Yahoo Directory and - these directories can take patience to gain admittance, and some charge listing fees for processing. There are also a number of prominent local and regional directories in your area, including City Search and Yelp where you can add your site or business.

Having a physical business linked to your site can help improve your ability to generate back links through local search, such as Google Maps, and can also give your business more credibility when seeking out link partners.

Using Social Media Back links

You can also build out links by utilising social media resources such as forums related to your market, as well as Twitter, Facebook and numerous other social sites. Make sure that your posts are relevant to the content at hand and add genuine value to the individual sites. Resist the temptation to just post your link - by adding true value to the sites you will gain a respectful following and are much more likely to benefit by generating new visitors in addition to pure link value.

A Quick Round Up

The most valuable website back links come from authoritative sites, such as high quality blogs, content sites including online magazines as well as information sources such as sites for experts in your particular niche. Gaining high quality links on these pages often requires developing relationships with their owners - while blog commenting might provide some link equity, these links are often discounted by the search engines.

To gain true, in-text links including reviews or mentions of your site, it's best to introduce yourself to the owner of the site. An even more effective way is to ask a mutual friend for an introduction - this begins your conversation with an element of trust and helps to transition beyond a purely business transaction. Always begin by getting to know the site owner, asking them genuine questions and establishing a relationship before talking about ways you can offer them content topics.


Creating back links is just one way of generating long term quality traffic to your website. Other quality ways to generate long term organic traffic which with the right keywords will get you highly ranked are articles and videos.

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