Everyone from pizza chains to video stores have used the principals of positioning to explode their business. And now, you too can use this strategy - regardless of the size of your business - to catapult sales.
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30-Second Tip That Can Triple Your Profits

Everyone from pizza chains to video stores have used the principals of positioning to explode their business. And now, you too can use this strategy -- regardless of the size of your business -- to catapult sales.

Remember the pizza chain that had franchises cropping up like weeds because they offered to have a pie at your door in 30 minutes or less? Thatís the power of positioning, and the reason this pizza chain experienced such fast growth. And in a moment Iím going to detail how you can use positioning to sell more of your product.

But first I want you to understand what positioning is...

Positioning is looking at your competition and deciding how youíre different than them. Itís finding one strong benefit that your product has thatís not available anywhere else and that your prospects will view as something desirable.

Take the pizza franchise...

When people are hungry, they donít want to wait to get their food. Sure, they might like the corner pizza shop that makes a great pie, but if theyíre really hungry they might not want to wait 45 minutes to an hour.

So in walks a pizza chain that guarantees theyíll get you your pizza in 30 minutes or less or you donít pay. Business explodes.

And take a look at the video chain that offers guaranteed available rentals. Instead of heading down to the corner video store on a busy Friday night praying the movie you want will be available, you can drive to the place where you know itís going to be ready for you to rent.

The question is, if youíre really hungry, or want to assure youíre getting the movie you want, where will you go?

Now before you say this canít be applied to your business, I want you to think again. It can work, and it will work if you do it right.

Everyone has competition. Even someone offering a truly unique ebook about a business opportunity has strong competition from all the other ebooks with different business opportunities. But the smart marketer will create a unique position so that their business opportunity ebook is the obvious choice.

Let me give you an example...

I own a copywriting business where I write sales letters and ads for clients. And the competition in this market is pretty strong. But, by creating my own unique position Iíve been able to do quite well.

My unique position is being able to write copy thatís effective and gets results for about 1/4th the price of my competition. And a deeper look at my position points out that people donít need to spend more to get the same results.

So, how do you come up with your own unique position that will let you make more sales?

Think about how your product or service is different than your competition. And think in terms of a strong benefit that your prospects will find desirable, but is only available through you. You want to be able to say, "If you want ______, then this is the only place to get it." And if you can fill in the blank with a strong benefit your prospects want then I can guarantee youíll realize more profits because of it.

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