Many bloggers struggle to create backlinks to their blogs to boost their search engine rankings. Success depends on getting a good plan together to build quality backlinks. When you have a plan, knowing how you will get these inbound links, it is not difficult.
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Top Five Methods to Create Backlinks Quickly

Many bloggers struggle to know how to create backlinks to their blogs to boost their search engine rankings. Some bloggers make this appear to be easy for them. Most, however, do not ever succeed, despite the fact that they try quite hard to generate the much-needed links. So, what's the main difference here? What are the differences which means that a few will succeed while others fail? Which are the secrets to finding yourself in the group that will likely enjoy success?

Success depends on getting a good plan together to build quality backlinks. When you have a plan, knowing how you will get these inbound links, it is not difficult. So, are you truly serious about learning how to create backlinks to your blog? Then you will want to educate yourself about which methods are effective and why they will be important, first.

Here are five steps to consider to greatly enhance your likelihood of succeeding at creating killer backlinks that will bring you a flood of traffic from the search engines:

1. Write and Submit Articles. Most people write articles, not just to provide information, but solely to create backlinks to their website! Now the first place you should submit your article to is EzineArticles. This is the most authoritative article directory that the search engines love. After your article is approved and live, you can submit your article to other article directories. These are sites that Google and other search engines consider authoritative. Getting a backlink from one or more of these sites is like receiving a "vote" from each of them. The more "votes" or links pointing to your site from such authoritative sites, the more important and relevant your web page will appear, increasing your chances of landing on the first page of search results for your desired keywords.

2. Use Social Media. This really is important since social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also highly favored by search engines. Sharing your blog post links on these sites create additional backlinks from these authority sites. Post your content in as many Facebook groups as possible without getting banned by Facebook as soon as it is published to create these backlinks before your web page gets indexed by the search engines. Additionally, since a lot of people hang around on social media sites these days, sharing your blog posts in several groups will get a lot of eyeballs looking at your content.

3. Comment On Others' Blogs. Here's the reason for this, if the blog you comment on is a "Do Follow" site that will link back to your blog, search engine robots will follow your link back to your site, creating a backlink. Another reason why it is a good idea is that by stating something invaluable and insightful in the comments section of some high ranking blogs, you will start getting the attention of a lot of people and drive more traffic to your blog.

4. Leave Trackbacks and Pingbacks on Authoritative Blogs and Allow Trackbacks⁄Pingbacks on Your Own Blog. When used properly, trackbacks and pingbacks are an excellent way to build links and traffic to your blog. It is similar to "status tagging" on Facebook in that you can "mention" another website on your post and when you publish your post, the other website will be notified of your inclusion. Hopefully, by "paying it forward" on other blogs, it will encourage blog owners to return the favor and provide each other a two-way link. One more reason? They are great ways to build relationships with other bloggers.

5. Join a Tribe. This is a fast way to spread your content everywhere with the help of many and to generate TONS of backlinks quickly when tribe members share⁄like⁄vote on your posts on social bookmarking sites and high traffic sites like Better Networker. Tribe members also syndicate your content for you among their readers and increase traffic to your blog as a result.

For the very best results in creating backlinks to your blog and increasing your chances of landing on the first page of Google, start implementing the five tips above. Disregarding them will set you up for substandard results. Significantly poorer results than might be yours if you capitalize on the suggestions spelled out above to create backlinks fast.

If you're interested in learning more of Getzie Lamar's SEO tips, check out her Advanced SEO Training Center for strategies that will get you fast results.

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