One of the most profitable and misunderstood aspects of Internet Marketing Techniques is Basic SEO. This website marketing tactic can greatly increase your bottom line and it is easier than you may think.
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Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most profitable and misunderstood aspects of Internet Marketing Techniques is Basic SEO. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, as if you didn't already know that. This website marketing tactic can greatly increase your bottom line and it is easier than you may think. As in any business you want to develop good habits of tracking your information so that you can make needed adjustments to continually grow your business. These simple internet marketing techniques WILL help your SERPS (search engine results pages).

All good things start with a solid foundation. Your website, (business), is no different. Basic SEO can and will increase your bottom line. This is mostly work you do once in a while, with a little everyday work thrown in for good measure. So to help keep this article short and focused in on some basic seo we will look at three things you can (and should) do to help your site.

The single most important asset a website has is this... KEYWORDS. Search Engine Optimization would not exist without keywords, neither would Google for that matter. Basic SEO starts with a thorough examination of the words people use to find your site... KEYWORDS. Keyword research is nothing new, however, there is a bigger badder keyword tool on the net now!

Google has now included information from the searches done on their site in their keyword search results. You can get up to date information on the amount of searches performed, for the keywords you are focused on, for the previous 12 month span... EXACTLY. Yeah exactly, not rounded up or down, not estimated, or pulled from a database of webpages.

I used this tool one time and not only changed the keywords in my all in one seo but actually changed the name of the site and my marketing plan! So for number 1 you will revisit your keywords and then visit Keyword Tool to find out EXACTLY how many people are looking for YOU right now. Be thorough and you may be surprised at how much work you may need to do.

O.K. you revisited your keywords and updated them as needed (or not). Now how do you make the most of your improved keywords? By doing two things. We are on number 2 so you should have two tasks. First you will want to write some new content for your new keywords. What we are focusing on is keyword density. It is widely agreed upon by most seo "guys" that 5-7 percent is about as perfect as you can get and not sound spammy to "humans". I say write for humans and use your keywords where it is appropriate. That's what Google wants I assure you, and one day they will be able to find it. Basically put your keywords in the text 5 to 7 times for every 100 words... if it sounds right when you read it out loud.

Part 2 to number two is simply this... Do step 1 every 4 days MINIMUM. DO IT EVERYDAY IF YOU CAN. If it is a standard html site then add a new page focused on individual keywords, if it is a blog then add a new post focused on individual keywords.

Those first two steps were "do it once" work you can do to help your sites ability to utilize Basic SEO and increase your SERPS results. This third step will basically LAUNCH your site into traffic, PageRank, Alexa Ranking, leads, and the reason your in business... PAYING CUSTOMERS. It is such a simple little 5 letter word you will learn to love and cherish...LINKS! Yes links, links are to websites what water and oxygen is to humans. Ahh, life. Yes life, that's what links are to websites and the more the better.

Here's the golden rule when obtaining "backlinks", use your keyword or keyword phrase as the link text. This will tell Google and other search engines what your site, or page, is all about. You can get backlinks to your site in a variety of ways, commenting on blogs that are related to your niche, link swapping with other sites, or using online linking services.

These three simple tips on website marketing have helped me greatly and I know they will help you too. I have many more internet marketing techniques planned for future articles.

My name is David Knops Jr and I run a blog dedicated to providing quality content in the internet marketing niche. This is a huge niche covering a wide variety of topics and I cover my fair share of them. Please stop on by and see what else you can learn. Visit my site at Internet Marketing Techniques. For all your Internet Marketing Training needs visit Internet Marketing Training.

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