If you want to attract a lot of people to read your articles online they need to be seen in multiple locations on the Web. Article syndication is the process of distributing your articles to multiple websites at the same time. This article provides seven Ways to syndicate your articles online.
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How to Syndicate Your Articles Online

If you want to attract a lot of people to read your articles online they need to be seen in multiple locations on the Web. Itís not enough these days to just place the article on your website or blog because youíll only reach a small percentage of your audience.

What is article syndication?

Itís the process of distributing your articles to multiple websites at the same time. The most commonly used form of syndication are RSS Feeds. RSS refers to really simple syndication. A person must have an RSS reader such as Google Reader. It summarizes articles from multiple websites youíve subscribed to. To subscribe to an RSS Feed look for the orange icon displayed at the top of a website. For example to subscribe to the RSS feed on this page simply click on the large orange icon displayed above.

Benefits of article syndication

• Easy method for internet users to receive new content
• Builds incoming links from visitors linking to your content
• Boosts search engine rankings by increasing your online visibility
• Builds relationships with your visitors by regularly providing new content for them
• Visitors receive instant notification of new articles
• Guaranteed delivery
• Content doesnít get blocked by email spam filters
• Reach a wider audience

Seven Ways to syndicate your articles online

1. Write high quality content

Content that is well written and contains information that serves the needs of your readers will naturally get distributed around the Net by others.

2. Article directories

Most article directories have RSS Feeds that distribute your content once it gets submitted to them. Ezine and newsletter publishers may select your articles to place in their publications. People can sign up to receive email alerts when a new article is published in their niche.

3. Blog

Blogs built on software such as WordPress have an RSS Feed built into them. When a new article is posted on a WordPress Blog it automatically alerts the search engines. Visitors to your blog can be notified of new content by subscribing to the blogís RSS feed.

4. Social Bookmarking

Add social bookmarking icons (e.g. delicious, stumble, etc.) to your blog to make it easy for visitors to bookmark your articles.

5. Social Media Websites

Many internet users prefer to be notified through social media sites instead of using email because thatís where they gather with their friends and itís what they use constantly every day for communication. Set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Every time you write a new article alert your audience using these websites.

6. Video and Podcast Sites

Convert your article to video and/or audio. Share your video on video sharing sites such as YouTube. Submit your audio file to Podcast directories. This enables visitors to watch and listen to your content rather than just reading it.

7. Newsletter or Ezine

Send out a newsletter or ezine every week or two weeks to let your subscribers know about new content or news related to your niche.

The key to successful article syndication is do it frequently and consistently. Make a plan to write several articles a week then syndicate them on multiple websites to maximize audience participation.

Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) owner and author of www.iSiteBuild.com Affordable Web Site Design and Low Cost Web Hosting You can read more of his in-depth articles at: www.isitebuild.com/articles

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