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Maid Career

Way back, it was traditionally a woman's role to clean the home, but as more and more women have joined the work force, the time pressure on families with children has grown immeasurably, so paying someone to do the cleaning makes sense to time-pressured couples where both work, and are making a reasonable income.

Maids and housecleaners are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the establishment in which they work. The duties of maids/housecleaners range from light cleaning chores such as dusting to chores such as vacuuming, washing bathrooms, making beds, doing laundry and ironing sheets or clothes. Depending on the employer, additional duties may be required, such as sterilization of supplies and equipment in a hospital.

Housecleaners work in establishments ranging from privately owned houses to large commercial buildings such as hotels or hospitals. In some countries, maids take on the role of a nurse in taking care of the elderly and people with disabilities. Maids are often expected to work at least fifteen hours per day. Many maids are required by their employers to wear a uniform.

Wages for a house clean help depend on the size of the residence, the number of people in the family, the hours required and experience.

A maid is generally a female employed in domestic service. Once part of an elaborate hierarchy in great houses, today the maid may be the only domestic worker that upper and even middle-income households can afford.

In hierarchical order, the types of maids in a large household are: head house-maid (or head housemaid), housemaids, chambermaids (also known as housemaids), nursery maids, kitchen maids, also between maid (hall girl in the US), scullery maids and lady's maid.

Outside of the normal hierarchy, the lady's maid was a senior servant who reported directly to the lady of the house, rather than to the housekeeper or butler.

A lady's maid is a female personal attendant who waits on the lady of the house. The position is somewhat analogous to a gentleman's valet, but not as high-ranking as a lady's companion, who is a retainer rather than a servant. The position is rare today and the few women who still perform this role often use the term dresser instead.

Traditionally, a lady's maid was expected to maintain her lady's wardrobe and accessories and be an expert needlewoman and hairdresser as well.

A chambermaid is a maid who cleans and cares for bedrooms.

Scullery maids are assistants to kitchen maids. Duties included the most physical and demanding tasks in the kitchen, such as cleaning of the floor, stoves, sinks, pots and dishes. Scullery maids would rarely have handled fine china, stemware, crystal or plate silver; these are cleaned by housemaids and footmen. The scullery maid reported (through the kitchen maid) to the cook or chef.

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