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Learning About Computer Game Design

Computer games have become extremely popular in the past few years. With new games being launched almost every year world over, the demand seems never ending. Those adept at computer programming, computer aided art and computer hardware are the masterminds to produces these extremely sought after games.

“ Some computer game designers are able to make over $100,000 per year ”

Usually, an interest sparks if you are a passionate about playing games. One may be an expert player, but subsequently gets bored of the games available and there by begins thinking of concepts for new games or means of improvising the already existing games. Taking a computer game design class and ultimately enrolling in a full fledged course for the same are the next steps. At the end of it a new computer game designer is created.

Computer games have become such a technology rage in themselves that schools have begun offering classes in computer game design. The popularity of these classes leads to their getting filled up soon and they can be a bit expensive. Hundreds of schools, most of them very much techno oriented have come up in order to fulfill the desires of those who wish to learn computer game design.

Those who opt for a complete course of computer game design will be exposed initially to concepts like game balance, level design, narrative and storytelling, basic game architecture, motion planning and control.

As a career, it's not at all simple. Hundreds of different aspects that comprise the computer game design have to be considered. Those aspiring to learn all will learn about the history of computer games, software architecture, animated sprites, sound and music, realism ,challenges, level design, plot pacing, interface techniques, 3D loading , camera control, rule based approaches among many other concepts.

Most fail to understand that designing a computer game is just like writing a technology filled book. A good game needs a good storyline that comprises a plot, characters, narrative, a thrilling begin, middle and end. Also emotion, repercussions and interaction also are a vital part. The domain of computer game design has many challenges for anyone who aspires and decides to master the basics.

Computer game design, has become a profession for many today. The average money one can spin is about $74,900 annually. That's not bad at all to work on especially when you enjoy it thoroughly. Some computer game designers are able to clinch contracts with big players and make over $100,000 per year.

For those who indulge in computer game design as a freelancer can enhance their earnings from a regular job by about $10,000 to $30,000 a year. Hence, in conclusion, computer game design is surely fun filled, challenging and lucrative from every possible perspective.

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