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Plus Size Modeling - An Introduction

Plus size modeling is a growing industry that is gaining popularity and acceptance throughout the world. Because plus size models and modeling has gained popularity in the last ten years, the opportunities have broadened considerable, but all modeling shoots for a plus size model are not the same. Plus size models will discover major differences between shoots, whether operating as a free agent or with representation and between different markets.

When you decide you want to try plus size modeling, you need to consider whether you want or can get representation right away, or if you want to act as a free agent. Finding representation can get you into many doors, but in some cases, if you are just starting out, you may want to be a free agent and market yourself to build your portfolio and get experience.

“ remember; you won't be right for every job no matter what you do ”

Finding representation can be challenging. You'll need some photos of yourself and you may need to try several agencies before you find the right one. Some agents want to see professional headshots, while others prefer a simple Polaroid. In many cases, they prefer to see your "raw material" and then they'll help you find and cultivate a desirable plus size model "look."

If you find representation, you should remember that the agent is working for you but you still need to take an active interest in your own modeling career. You should know what kinds of jobs they are promoting you for and why you are or are not getting jobs.

As a free agent you may have more flexibility, but you'll need to carefully protect yourself and make sure you're booking legitimate, paying jobs. Regardless of your status, you should constantly seek feedback, and do your best not to take it personally.

Consider yourself a product that will be effective selling a product, or not. You may need to alter your look, gain weight, tone up or change your hair to be more marketable. Make sure you remember on thing; you won't be right for every job no matter what you do.

If you want to be a plus size model, you do need to consider that there are different kinds of plus size modeling and different markets for different sizes. Here is an interesting guide to some of the different markets and needs for plus size models.

Plus Size Lingerie Modeling: Really good plus size lingerie models are hard to find. Not only are companies and agencies looking for well proportioned and sexy women from sizes 10 to 18, they are also looking for toned, curvy bodies that will really make their photos pop!

In many cases, a plus size lingerie photo shoot will also be different than that of a catalog or fashion shoot. They may want sensual, sexy or even playful moods and you need to be comfortable with your body and your sexuality to project the right feelings.

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