The Fastest Gun Rule

In the lawless old west, gun duels were not uncommon. Two gunslingers would stand 30 yards apart facing each other. Suddenly one would draw their gun from its holster and shoot the other. Of course the other gunslinger would simultaneously draw their gun and shoot the first gunslinger. The fastest gun would win. The other would die.

Being the fastest gun had many advantages. They would be respected and feared. The fastest gun would get many high-paying jobs as a hired gun. They could get anything they wanted.

If you were the fastest gun, one thing you could count on was another gunslinger coming along to challenge you for the title. One after another, gunslingers who thought they were the fastest would come from all over the country looking for you. Each time you would have to have a gun dual with the new challenger.

Maybe you would be faster, but eventually someone faster than you would show up, and that would be the end of your career.

No matter how fast you can draw your gun, there is always someone faster.

Unfortunately for the gunslinger that kills you, the same rule applies to them. Fastest gun is not a career that anybody retires from.

The same thing applies to you and any quality or talent that you excel at. There will always be someone stronger, someone better looking, someone richer, someone more popular.

Try to be the best you can be at whatever or talent or thing in which you excel, but never worry about being the best. If you ever have a contest or comparison with another person, and they end up being better than you, don't take it to heart. There will always be a faster gun. Just keep working to improve yourself.

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